Spicy Rub – 13 Ounce Bottle


Rib Ticklin’ Tongue Tinglin’ Spicy Rub

(1) 13 ounce Bottle of Spicy Rub

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Rib Ticklin’ Tongue Tinglin’ Spicy Rub

We are asked all the time, “How Spicy is this rub?”  Well, that is a hard question to answer.

If you are a true chili head then this won’t be very spicy.  However, if you are someone who thinks that black pepper is hot, then this is gonna blow your stack!

We really like it on our ribs.  Matter of fact it is what led us to our best rib scores out on the circuit.  Without this rub we would have turned in tender and juicy ribs but would have lacked that “tongue tinglin'” that gave us that extra pop that the judges are lookin’ for.

Here at the house, I use it for wings on the smoker or grill.  We sprinkle it on heavy and start them smokin’ in cherry and hickory smoke until they are almost done.  Then crank up the temperature to crisp up the skin a little.  Normally, I don’t sauce them and serve them as they come off the cooker.

Why not turn your wings into designer wings and give your family and friends a taste of these spicy and smoky flavors instead of the standard run of the mill hot sauce wings.



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