BBQ Rub – 13 Ounce Bottle


Taste Temptin’ Purt’ near Sinnin’ BBQ Rub

Great all purpose BBQ seasoning for use on all cuts of Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood and Vegetables.

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The first in the line of our gourmet barbecue rubs is Taste Temptin’ Purt’ near Sinnin’ BBQ Rub.  

Our BBQ Rub is a traditional style barbecue rub that many compare to the flavor of barbecued potato chips.

This is one of our custom blended seasonings that we use in competitions out on the Kansas City Barbecue Society Circuit.  It is the exact recipe we used to win First Place Brisket at both the American Royal Invitational and Open competitions. Yup, we promise, cross our fingers and our hearts!!!

It goes great on anything and is a tasty general purpose seasoning for everything from your brisket to your oven baked potatoes.  Heck, we even use it on our eggs in the mornin’.  It’s just plain ole tasty.

To use on any large cut of meat like brisket, shoulder clod, pork butt/shoulder or any other roast, this is where you can start and never go wrong.  Sprinkle it on heavy (and we do mean HEAVY) and rub it in every nook and cranny. Cover and put your hunk of beast in the fridge for at least 2 or 3 hours before putting it in your smoker, grill, crock pot, or oven.  This will allow the seasonings and meat to start to get happy together.  Trust us… you try this and you won’t wanna go back to your old seasoning.

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